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William Accorsi: An Artist’s Story

I did not become interested in art until my Sophomore year at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio. I was a Physical Education Major, an undersized and crazed football player knocking the much bigger guys on their asses. Fortunately, fate was kind and presented me with another road to travel.

Early my Sophomore year I went on a class trip to an art museum in Cleveland. It was my first time ever in a museum. Visiting room after room of art moved me like nothing I had ever experienced before, and a message came to me.

It was not clear what the Message was. The message was contained as a feeling, and I began to draw, and draw. The drawings were raw and crude.

Soon the Feeling began to surface and with it came a Feeling of Completeness, almost as though this is what I should be doing with my life, rather than knocking big strong guys on their asses.

The rest of my college days were consumed with making art, and I gave up playing football. It was with great difficulty that I gave up knocking the big strong guys on their asses. I was an Artiste of Physical Violence, you might say. Although art is a different game, and to do it at a high level demands the same intensity and devotion. – Williammmmm