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My Invisible Gallery

And then, there are the innumerable people whom I have never met… my invisible gallery… the other people who also love and enjoy my work… and to these fine people… I extend a spiritual thank you, wherever you may be.

I first became aware of my invisible Gallery from a New York experience that I had many years ago. One of my simple pleasures in my artist life was to take a taxi cab instead of the subway. My income was extremely modest, and common sense would have told me to take the subway instead of the taxi. But the artist in me did not leave much room for common sense.

Thus, one fine day, I took a taxi cab ride and was enjoying the luxury of pretending that I was not a struggling artiste, and had money in my pocket to spare. After riding a few blocks, the taxicab man asked:

“What kind of work do you do?”
“Oh, I am an artist,” I said.
“What kind of artist?” he said.
“I’m a sculptor. I make things.” I said.
“Well, you know,” he said,” I never had much interest in art. But a few weeks ago I was in Macy’s. They have an art gallery there so I went into the gallery to look at some of the work.” The taxicab man went on to describe in detail what he had seen. “I really liked the stuff but I didn’t make a note of the artist’s name.” he said.
“His name is William Accorsi.,” I said.
“Yeah, that’s right,” said the taxicab man. “And how do you know his name?”
“Because he is me,” I said.

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